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Checkers - a board game for two people, where the figures are on the cell board, which has, under the standard, sixty-four cells.Checkers, as chess, have their own shape, its own rules, its own secrets.Play checkers online is much easier than downloading them to your computer.The essence of the game is the following.On board are 40 checkers pieces, they all have the same shape, but 20 are white, and the remaining 20 black.The figures are in the "checkers right."Checkers game easier to play than chess, as there is no need to remember the names of the shapes and remember as they walk.All pieces and black and white go exactly the same.In the history of no more accurate data, when it was invented checkers game, but the old manuscripts and drawings suggest that checkers were known at the time of ancient Egypt, and then this game has spread to Europe today and remains popular to this day.Game of checkers are divided into several categories.Divide them by two criteria: the rules of the game and the size of the board.For example, based on the size of the board, checkers are divided into 4 types: the Canadian game of checkers (board size 12x12 cells), an international game of checkers (board size 10x10 cells) on a regular (traditional) game of checkers (size 8x8 boards) and eighty cell board.As for the rules of the game, the games are divided, depending, on the possible moves of checkers and their position on the board, for example, the ability to move kings, the location of pieces in the beginning of the game, the ability to beat the opponent's piece swing back, by way of taking the Kings and more.You can play checkers for free on the page of our website where you can find different versions of this fascinating game.Besides the fact that the game itself is interesting, it is well developed thinking and logic.That to win you need to apply the tactics in which to win, you might need to sacrifice some of his pieces, which would stay checkers opponent.Can substitute his sword so that the opponent has beaten her.Under the rules of the game, the opponent has the right to refuse to beat your sword.In the game, the advantage of a saber-king.This is a common block that gets the privilege to walk diagonally across the board.To block became a king, you get the usual sword to the first line of the opponent.Checkers is very exciting game that helps, and relax and focus at a time, as strange as it may sound.On the one hand, playing checkers hard to think about anything else, because the need to follow the game, calculate the opponent's move.On the other hand is a great way to spend time with friends.

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