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Chess - a great game of all time.This game has been linked to sport, the arts and science.Chess began at the turn of the fifth century BC in India and throughout the evolution of the people suffered a lot of changes.Originally Hindu game called "Chaturanga.Later she moved to Central Asia, then in Europe and on other continents overseas.An interesting fact that, in the form in which we found the game now, only appeared in the fifteenth century, and the rules themselves have been legalized only nineteen.If the house you do not chess, it is not a problem.You can download the game to your computer and play chess with the computer online.The rules of modern chess game remained the same since the fifteenth century.In order to start playing it requires sixty-four cell boards, which will be located thirty-two figures (16 black and 16 white).Squares of the board are painted in two colors: black and white.Initially, players choose a color for which to play (black or white), then arranges his field 16 pieces each.Each figure has its own name and the rules move on the board.The most important figure - is, of course, the king after him is queen (or otherwise it is called a queen.)They stand side by side, in the center, on either side of them are placed figures of elephants, after which the figures are called - the horse.Followed by tours (or else they are called rooks).Ahead to the next level is eight pawns, which begins with the first move.Each figure, as mentioned earlier runs on the board in a certain way.The King goes in any direction on the same cage.The Queen can move to any distance as a vertical, horizontal, diagonal.A bishop can only move on a diagonal path.Knight moves only with the letter "G", soe two cells vertically and horizontally one cell, or vice versa, one square vertically and two horizontally.A walking tour either horizontally or vertically.In the game there are many techniques, such as: long and short castling, en passant capture.Try the game on your computer and try to play chess with the computer.Surely you will enjoy this lesson, and you want to play more than once.Also you can play chess online, so as not to download and install the game on your computer.What would play chess online with no registration is sufficient to our free online games and go to the page devoted to chess.Play on health, developing logic thinking.

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