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In 1989, the Walt Disney Company, under the direction of Ted Stone and Alan Zaslova start creating animated masterpiece called "Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers!".A total of 65 episodes filmed.The main characters are the two Disney cartoon chipmunks and their assistants: a brilliant inventor nut, a small but good rat Roquefort and Zipper fly.This animated series was, probably, is very popular among children between the ages of five to ten years.We all had the desire to be like Chip - the leader of the rescue teams, who wore a hat and coat, like Indiana Jones.Due to the important role that he constantly had to be an example for his brother Dale is not serious, and probably this was the fact that he was grouchy, always serious, and even in their free time reading detective stories.Well, who would not like to have a friend like Dale?It's a walking comedy.Chipmunk, which runs in a red shirt in a cute yellow flower, like everything.This is the exact opposite of his brother, Chip.Dale always watching some movies, reading comics, likes to eat a lot of sweets.The most important thing - is that it takes its responsibilities much unrequited love and have some fun.Just like in any movie, the main character has any love.In this case - it's nut.Gadget - is a young mouse that lives simply ingenious devices.Her father was a great inventor, and she inherited a love of mechanics and design of it.Gadget gets the team on the first mission of Chip and Dale, met them there.Chip and Dale just go crazy with it, and fall on the ears.But, as usually happens, Gadget just did not notice, but to show their feelings guys can not, or shy, or stubborn and do not want to lose each other.The team is to him she got with his old friend and Roquefort Whack.Roquefort is a nut, like a daughter.He claimed that was brought up in a family of kangaroos, and he is madly in love cheese, but also insanely hates cats.His companion Zipper, is the mascot for the team.Because of its ability to fly and a small form, he does the work, which can not afford another.Just released numerous games about these characters.Can be found, just as PC games and online games Chip and Dale.The essence of the game is simple: play either Chip or Dale and pass the different levels, with different complexity.As a weapon, use things you can find on the street.The game is very interesting, and belongs to the genre of "Adventure".This is a very exciting experience to play games online.

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