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Three in a row - this is one of the few games that are easily suitable for boys and girls of all ages.In this case, it can play both children and adults.The point of this game is to remove from the field of three-and more of the chips of the same color.In alternative embodiments, the game can be beads, stones, diamonds, Runes and many other items, depending on the imagination of developers and designers.In some versions of the game three in a row online you just need to be on the field cluster-color figures and remove them.Usually used to remove the left mouse button.But in the usual options for one-color chips are nearby, you also need to try.Often have to rearrange them.Figures can be placed either vertically or horizontally.Hence the name of the game - "Three in a row."Games online three in the series also require the player to a high degree of ingenuity and intelligence.Because you can find them in the section of puzzles or logic games.You need to think through their actions.After all, the sooner you collect pieces side by side, the more points you earn.The game also has a lot of different bonuses, which allow, inconvenient location and blow the chips and the chips of the same color to remove from the field as a whole, or to receive a bonus for the passage.Yes, the game is still on time.Particularly popular games today have three in a row with a partial development of the plot.Many companies offer you not just to move the cubes, and to plunge into the exciting world of adventure and puzzles.For example, the game "Nuclear Puzzle" is a three-dimensional graphics, and a very interesting design.The point of this game is to remove from the field of malicious molecules passing thus from one level to another.The more moves you thought through in advance, the better will be your campaign.Another game with a similar plot - "The Four Elements".In order to open the way for the flow of energy, you have to set the chain of rocks to smash the other stone slabs.«Spreading Hex» - Positive toy with flowers and smiles.Colors of cells can be selected at the top of the screen and then pollinate the flowers that color.The game is very simple, and therefore suitable for children."Ruzzle Prince» - the original game with elements of action.To destroy evil Montreux, zombies and witches, magical energy needs.And you can get it only accounted for a magic symbol of three in a row.Logic game is a good way to relax with positives!

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