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Transformers comics were first, and then a computer game, and then moved to cinema screens.The plot is the struggle of humanity with aliens.Only this time, it's not little green men, and huge intelligent machines that can transform into planes, cars, ships, depending on the situation and the technical capacity transformer.In the world there are a lot of games of transformers.And the number increases each time, after another series of films or comics.Now you can play for free in Transformers 2 games and games Transformers 3 on pages of our game site.Transformers games differ in graphics or design, but they have in common is a rare plot similarities.All of them - either shooting or adventure games, or race.Rarely come across something else.Online Games Transformers 2 is an adventure that cause a complete delight and player.They are distinguished by a dynamic plot and excellent graphics.Parts of bodies and weapons drawn very clearly, and the color palette of the Transformers is very diverse.Children love to play in the Transformers, as these games allow you to fully feel like a superhero.Adrenaline, drive and good surroundings can get while playing the maximum pleasure.In the game, you can choose from a number of different characters, which distinguishes Transformers games online on a number of other similar shooters.All games in this series are designed so that the player did not have to understand the interface too long to get used to the control.The maximum that need - a mouse with 4 keys with arrows.There are games that are designed exclusively for mouse control.Flash technology allows you to download the game immediately, so wait for an hour to play as your favorite character, do not have to.You will play directly in the browser without any additional software installation.«Ruffle Transformers" - Memory Game and logical thinking.The game must be for some time to lay down some of the mosaic image.To do this, you need to move the pieces of the puzzle with the mouse and combine with each other.And to look at the result - just click on the orange circle on top."Transformers Blast Attack» - is a complex massive battle in which your character will have to fight with a lot of enemies.In order to quickly cover long distances, you can transform into a car.And life will add special bonuses to be collected during the game.And do not forget that your enemy is as strong as you are.Be smarter and defeat evil!

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