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"Tom and Jerry" - an incredibly popular cartoon studio «Walt Disney».It was released 71 years ago, and still remains at the top of popularity among the audience.And with the development of the Internet is also an opportunity to play Tom and Jerry play.And this show love to both boys and girls.Our gaming portal with children's games offer you online games Tom and Jerry play for free and without registration online.Games Tom and Jerry can have a wide variety of subjects.Most of them - logic games or puzzles, so that they will appeal to everyone."Feed the little mouse" - a game for little kids.Jerry here to feed the little mouse.But in every way to prevent this is Tom, who sleeps in the kitchen.But Jerry does not lose his head, he throws the pieces of food through the tube and then deliver to the roof.Believe me, that this is as simple as it seems at first.Like all Tom and Jerry games online is very easy to use: you just play with the mouse."Help Him" ​​- one of the few games in the series, where you need to play is not a clever little mouse, but for the evil cat.Here, you'll need to help Him and get to the other side of the river, after passing cars filled the street.And it must be done quickly, because on the other side browns Jerry."Crazy Race" game is very peculiar.In particular this applies to character design.Both of them look very unusual.But if you do not pay attention to it, then play in the Tom and Jerry of this version is very exciting."Cheese Maze" - a puzzle game where the little Jerry collect pieces of cheese to get to the exit.But not so easy to do, because of them also track in the maze to spread.Besides, if Jerry stopped, it can overtake Tom."Mathematical catch-up" - it's an interesting game that helps your child learn to read.After all, to save Jerry from Tom, he will need very quickly recall math."Tom and Jerry: build a bridge" - another fascinating and quite a good game.In it you will need to feed the hungry little mouse Jerry.But the kitchen under the supervision of Tom, so go to it himself he can not.That's why you have to collect as many items suitable to build a strong bridge and feed Jerry."Super Jerry" - a game in which you will play the role of rescuer.Jerry was stolen, and you need to get him out of the clutches of the evil cat.And for that you need to pass the maze, open chests and collect bonuses.Only with their help you will be able to move through the levels.

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