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Tetris - a game that has become a cult of several generations.Inventor Soviet designer Alexey Pajitnov.The public saw her June 6, 1984.First, it was played on a special attachment, and then transferred to computers or mobile phones.And after a while it became possible to play Tetris for free on the Internet.Our site is no exception and offers you to try the original version of a favorite childhood game.The essence of the game is that in a rectangular glass falling random figures, which are made up of individual blocks.Cup height - twenty cells, and therefore, while a figure flying, it can be turned in different ways.Also figure moves in a horizontal direction.If you just decided where it will be based on a specific figure, it can be dropped, accelerating decline.Figure will fly as long until you hit the previous one.As soon as the horizontal row is completely filled, it is released, and the rest falls on one square down.The main task of the game - to complete as many series, and it does not give a filled glass.As a new figure in the glass will not fit, the game is over.Today, the game of Tetris for free can be virtually any website.There are different versions: colored Tetris Tetris with puzzles, Tetris for children.So now to play Tetris online for free at any age.The variability of the game there is a special attachment to - "Tetris", familiar to us from childhood.What to say about the modern game of this type.Here, the developers turned to the fullest, to realize their original ideas.There is not just a game of Tetris, but with the plot, but the principle of the game remains the same.In various versions of the game, points are awarded is different and cleaned for rulers, and for the discarded pieces and for changing speed of the game.Sometimes, if the points are awarded for the line, they may increase if you fold how lines rhinestones.Not surprisingly, the query "Tetris game play" is very popular in the world of the Internet.After all the options of the game there is an insane amount.You can choose one to his taste that appeals more.Management of these games are usually extremely simple: play tetris online, you can simply mouse or arrow keys on the keyboard.There is also a version of the game in which the main thing - not to score points, and open the image, hidden on the screen.There are options for different levels, depending on the speed of the game and figure types.

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