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Super Mario - the cult game, which was released by the Japanese company Nintendo in 1985, and has since won the hearts of millions of fans.Perhaps, there is not a man who would have never tried to free the Princess, or at least heard about the adventures of the legendary brothers plumbers Mario and Luigi.These games are released on cartridges, buy who could afford a few.But now you can in Super Mario online play for free, and do not care about what your passion you can "spoil the picture tube" TV!Play Super Mario is very exciting!The meaning of the game is that the intrepid Mario must go through all the obstacles the Mushroom Kingdom to rescue Princess.On his way he met soldiers Turtle King, which Mario must kill in order to pass on.However, the game more attractive rich bonus system.During the passage of Mario across a variety of bonuses, which gives it an unusual ability to help get a variety of obstacles.Using these bonuses wisely, you can finesse all the trouble and collect more coins.The game also has special tricks that reduce the passage level.For example, you can roll up into a tube and into the dungeon, which also happens to collect some coins.Sometimes, there are Mario shoots of plants, which can go up to the clouds, where he scattered the coins and no enemies.After earning a hundred pieces, the hero gets an extra life, and for the killing of the enemy awarded bonuses.Rewards can not be exchanged for anything - they are more likely indicator of experienced players.Of the game you will get a lot of fun, and most importantly - it's easy!In Super Mario game online for free on our website without having to worry about the long install programs on your PC!Online games in the Super Mario diverse in topics, but are one in the story: you can run different cards with your favorite characters and use the same system of bonuses.In Super Mario you can play for free is not only one, but the other - so you can get double the fun!

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