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Super Cow - a colorful game for the whole family, which amuse both children and adults!It is an exciting game with an interesting plot and unconventional heroes.Super cow games online - it is great fun for the people with a good sense of humor!On a plot of the game you are saving the residents of Sun Valley from the machinations of an evil and mad professor duriarti.He escaped from prison, and decided not to sit for a long time, avoiding the pursuit, and immediately capture a large farm in Sun Valley, making its inhabitants their slaves.The villain comes to that goat and pig clones, and soon creates and an army of clones that unquestioningly obey his will!Intelligence agencies of the Valley so confused what is happening, they can just throw up your hands and shrugged their shoulders - they can not do anything to free the citizens of the farm.Neither the innocent civilians too, can not cope with the professor duriarti, so to help them come Super Cow!Super cow game - fun casual arcade game in which you will be able to release the innocent victims of the insidious wiles duriarti professor who decided to take over the world and become its master, and he decided to start with a beautiful farm in Sun Valley.Play Super cow is very exciting, because in this game you are expecting more than 50 levels and 10-game stages.At each level, you are expected labyrinth meeting with an insidious enemy, and special keys that will help to pass the heroine meet victory over the professor.But the main thing - that you can in the super cow to play online for free, without having to install it on your computer and is fully enjoying the beautiful animation and truly thrilling story!Playing in the Super Cow - this is a great relaxation after a hard working day, as the heroine is invincible, smart, and always find a way to defeat the enemies!In the arsenal of fighting Super Cow amazing abilities: it jumping on the nature and strength of her hooves just stunning!However, even such an invincible and strong character needs support and charge, so do not forget to restore the power of super-heroine yogurt and kits that can be collected during the passage level.Also, use the special bonus game, which will help strengthen the forces Super Cows - a bonus "Invulnerability" and "Super-horseshoe", reinforcing kick.Play the game like all the super cow who likes arcade!

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