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"Twilight" - perhaps the most famous modern saga of love.This is not just another love story, a magical tale of two attractive young people who want to be together no matter what.Seventeen schoolgirl Isabella Swan, who came to a new city and went to study at a local school, and met with a mysterious classmate, Edward Cullen.From the first sight of their inexplicably attracted to each other, and it is fatal attraction, as it turned out, was no accident.Edward Cullen was not only an attractive young man, a vampire.Clan, from which he came, for centuries lived in Forks, where things are going saga, because it is only in its representatives can successfully hide their identity.Forks is surrounded by centuries-old forests, and local climate rarely indulges its residents sunny days because aristocratic pallor Edward and his family are not evident to local residents.However, they suspect that the Cullens are a reason of such a strange way of life: they rarely communicate with others and never appear in public in the sunny days.Bell was fascinated by the beauty and manners of Edward, but in spite of this, could not fail to notice that he was a special guy.In the very first days of their acquaintance, he saved the girl from the van, lost control on the school parking lot, just stop it with his hand.It made Bella think about who Edward really is: she compared the facts, long search for the right information, and then realized that her savior - the one who can kill her.Edward Cullen was a vampire.Feelings that have arisen between the girl and a vampire, could not dampen, because Edward and Bella attracted to each other, but together they could not be, because it is in danger of both of them.Edward did not open up to people, and Bella feared due to the vampires.Based on the books by Stephenie Meyer was shot film series about the history of Bella and Edward, where they pass through different trials and repeatedly check their feelings.Their whole story - is a series of deadly and most complex life decisions to be taken by young Bella and vampire Edward.But it is also made based on the novel and online games twilight, thanks to which each girl will be able to be in the mysterious atmosphere of the town of Forks, and pass the test, along with the heroes of your favorite movie.Games for girls twilight - is thematically unified games, which include puzzles, Rhythm games, puzzles and other exciting entertainment!

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