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Sudoku - a puzzle of numbers, devised in the XVIII century., Otherwise it is called a numerical crossword puzzle or a Latin square.The point of this game is to fill all the blanks numbers.This should be done so that the numbers in the small square, and in the column and row filled cell and had not repeated from 1 to 9.Thus, to complete the "Latin square", you should get the whole series of numbers from 1 to 9 in each column, row, and all small squares - all are nine.This game is an unusual Japanese name because strong liking to the Japanese, who were regularly printed numeric puzzles in newspapers in the section with entertainment.After Sudoku puzzle to the taste, and the world audience - as it appeared in the pages of the national press.However, now you can play Sudoku for free: thanks to online flash games puzzle favorite will always be in the fast access!To solve a Sudoku puzzle, you need some time.There are puzzles of varying difficulty, and therefore one can spend just a few minutes, but on the solution will be a little different and a couple of hours, tried a lot of options.In sudoku play online is more convenient, because you do not have to enter an infinitely and striking out of the cells, and therefore the virtual puzzle will always look neat and do not confuse you with their appearance.To begin to address this intellectual game, you can see the techniques of search numbers.They all boil down to what you first need to choose the small square, which is filled with more than all the rest.Then you can start to play Sudoku online!Try to identify the number that are suitable for specific empty cells, and then check the columns and rows, not repeating each number you selected.If you can not determine if that in a given cell can only be that number - safely include your it.If it is impossible to define clearly, make a mark in the cell that this option is seen as possible.Over the most complicated puzzles you have to think a few hours, or even days, because sometimes find a unique combination of numbers is very difficult.If the source table is specified Sudoku more than 16 numbers (a total of 81 in the classic version of the game), the puzzle will not be one solution - the number of cycles can be carefully moving.Try to play Sudoku online - it's a great warm-up before the active mental activity!

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