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Want to build your own home or can the whole city?Nothing is easier!With the game you can build a house for his own pleasure, and self-developing project, choosing the plan that you prefer.Online games to build homes and cities - is a kind of genre of games strategies.From other games, they differ in that they require a certain level of knowledge and skills to calculate their actions on several moves ahead.Genre Strategy provides for a fixed start-up capital, the management of which you have the opportunity to purchase certain goods within the game and use them to obtain a profit.The main thing here - it's a competent and efficient use of its resources, not to exceed costs.Construction of houses and cities online - is an economic strategy that will appeal to people who know how to manage money.However, in this category you can also find and games for the little ones: in some games in the series the main goal - is to furnish a set of objects of the house.Here you can create a cozy and lovely interiors of different rooms, to make moving furniture, or even "punched" windows in the walls of the house, if required by your design idea.Choose a game from the series, which you like, and then you can build your dream home for a favorite cartoon character!In addition, it is so interesting - to choose furniture for a spacious room and equip it as a real home.Perhaps, in the game you can think of a good solution to the situation of your own home?If you do not build a house, and this seems not enough large-scale project - try to play in a big way!With the help of online games to build cities that simple!Select a world in which you will be more interesting and comfortable to grow roots - and act!You have a challenging task is not only to divide the territory into neighborhoods and build a house, but also fully organize the infrastructure and ensure that the new city was the order and worked every possible service to ensure the life of the settlement.The bigger your city, the more difficult task, because the need to have time to follow all the facilities and always be aware of all the events to monitor the state structures, providing power and water supply, to engage in security and protect citizens and their property from bandit raids.Successfully coping with its tasks, you get more features for the building - and then you can build an entire metropolis!

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