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Archery - a skill with the bow and arrow to hit the target, which is located at a certain distance.Art of archery originated a long time and has an interesting history.The oldest findings, which were associated with the firing of the weapon, date back 7.9 century BC.Before firing this weapon was designed for hunting animals or used during the fighting between the tribes.The weapon used by ancestors of virtually the entire population of the planet, except Oceania and Australia (to such weapons as the bow, here found only in the late nineteenth century).Currently shooting takes a place of honor among other sports and is important in the life of mankind.According to the sport suit competitions and championships.The winner is the archer, who was able to get the greatest number of times in the goal or scored maximum points.Sometimes the force of long-range bow exaggerated.Reliable record, which was recorded in England, was established in the mid-eighteenth century, and was only 450 meters.There is evidence that in the third century BC, an archer named Anaxagoras, won the competition with the release of his arrow more than three stages, which is more than 534 meters in length.And so, as our technology is not standing in one place and are constantly evolving in our time there are many varieties of onions.Modern distance record of boom reach of 700 meters.Interesting fact that the rate of an arrow in flight is approximately 100 m / s.This is quite a high rate for that, from a technical point of view, and weapons.Many of us would like to try to run the arrow from the bow, but they either do not have the time, equipment, or the ability to afford and place to do it.This is what the game archery online, where you can test your skills in archery and accuracy.Archery game online are popular in certain circles of the players.Also a lot of archer game created for personal computers and other platforms (Java, Android, IOS, symbian, etc.d).Desire to continue to play games with arrows and bow appears in the first few minutes of the game.Live the life of Robin Hood and See if you and get the apple from a distance.All games are available online and free of charge.Our site does not require players to pre-or further registration.

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