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Fear - the feeling, without which man can not live.This feeling, though negative, but it has its advantages.Scientists have proved that if a person is a long time will have no fear, then it will begin headaches, mood swings, and even worse, depression.So people come up with for a long time "horror stories."They included: scary stories, scary poems soon, and not too long ago began making films in the genre of "horror".Some people tolerate it well, some are very much afraid of this genre of literature and film.Films have movies and books have books, but there are games that have the genre of "horror".The worst were released at the end of the last century.So, the very first game, which belonged to this genus genre was released in early 1990.The game was called Alone in the Dark.We really do understand that in those days could not be sufficiently realistic and beautiful graphics, but, nevertheless, the company «Infogrames», which released this game, could boast of three-dimensional graphics.Played a big plus, of course, correctly chosen music.Also, many know the game called «Resident Evil», which was founded in 1996 by residents of the rising sun - Japan.It was a game has much more dynamic and exciting.The principle was similar to the principle of «Alone in the Dark», but with its own modifications, which made the Japanese.Instead of monsters they had just zombies that are infected with the virus, the main character had plenty of ammunition, and, of course, the oppressive atmosphere that puts pressure on our psyche.The game was originally released on the platform, PlayStation, Sega Saturn and then on and then she appeared on the PC.Well, finally, the most terrible game - it «Silent Hill».The plot of the game is that Harry (the main character) goes on vacation with his daughter, but gets into an accident and loses his daughter.The essence of the game is based on the search for his daughter.This game is very well thought out.It has to be more to the genre of drama, but with elements of horror.The game little creatures and monsters, but that's the expectation and awkward gameplay, which was established specifically for this game, suffer a nerve.The developers have made a awkward gameplay as realistic as possible to take us in the game and get into it.Character is not very adept at shooting, not very fast runs very bad fight.All this is done in order to ably convey the feeling of helplessness.

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