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Few people know that snooker - a kind of game of billiards.The basic rules are the same, but snooker has significant differences from, for example, an American or eight.For a start - snooker requires logic, not just hit and the correct calculation of force (although they are certainly welcome).Here you can manifest itself not only as a professional player, but as a real strategist, clearly represents the result of the game and all the actions that lead to it.Snooker more interesting classic billiards - a clarification of rules bring some zest.Snooker online play - right on our website you can test your skills in this challenging game.Rules are contained in the passage of levels - you will be supported to become familiar with them in the game.In snooker many advantages: it is interesting rules, the ability to multi-player game, the stakes, the three types of balls, improved the original scoring system, which depends not only on the number of goals balls.Please note that each ball has a different "value", and the table for a game of this unusual billiards uses a special markup.The special arrangement of the balls at the beginning of the game just cause you interested - it depends on the rules and their subsequent impact accuracy.Balls to score in a specific order to get the desired number of points.Snooker is extremely popular also because of their little tricks that you will not find in an American and Russian billiards.Here, as in billiards, sometimes, for example, after the impact is much more profitable for you is to try to keep the balls in a position where the enemy was at least a winning opportunity for impact and to obtain points.So check out the angle and force of impact and calculate not only a blow, but the position in which the ball may go after.We hope you have realized that classic billiards loses much modern snooker, whose popularity with each passing day is gaining momentum.Play, think, every party is unique, and its outcome is entirely in your hands.You develop your logical thinking and the ability to strategy, and this will help snooker online, which you can play right now, on our website.Get pleasure from the game, which will appreciate your logic and skill to calculate each move to finally come to a triumphant and unconditional victory.

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