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A long time it is not a secret, the men and women of ideas about marriage and attitudes are different.It started out as a child - until the girls dressed up, married dolls, come up with different dresses, including wedding, kids were busy with cars, trains, played policemen and gangsters.Yes, ask any girl what she thinks about her future wedding, and will be amazed how meticulous and everything is thought out to the smallest detail.Not surprisingly, because this image is formed early in life, every year something was removed and added something with fashion trends and maturation phases produced a wedding dress, the venue, and format of the wedding.But reverence for this action remained the same.All this is not a wedding game for girls - this is serious!They are preparing for it for years and sometimes decades.That's why the game is so popular wedding dress in young ladies.After putting on the computer screen female figure in a wedding dress, choosing her veil, bouquet, shoes, garter - they form an image of their own attire for their dreams.What else out there - they are taking it so responsibly, as if, indeed, a small copy of your dress, looking, pritsenivayas.A selection of them in all sorts of accessories, tissue types, kinds of shoes and handbags simply enormous!After flash games created for this purpose indeed legion.These games are a kind of developing, as a child vaccinated girls taste and sense of style.And you see, this is important for the girl, because to find the prince of your dreams, which, being crazy in love with a straight face will pay for all those delights, which she invented many years to look the part.So, these games will provide a good opportunity to spend more time in conversation with his beloved mom, which will tell, tell, explain that as a yes, to share memories of their wedding.Because children at the subconscious level imitate their parents, and the transfer of experience is very important and valuable time in education.And just - it's so nice, like a woman to talk with his daughter, dream, watch as her thoughts become clearer and adults.And the image of the future groom in those games, too, can work out, it's probably the most important accessory for a wedding!Suit, shirt, bow tie - all the little princess will instill good taste to men, it was originally to represent them myself neat and courteous, that in the future will eliminate immediately unworthy candidates for heart young beauty.

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