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Many boys in the childhood dream of becoming a real pilot.Since then, many years have passed, the boys grew up, working managers, directors, workers, doctors, and military.And only a few realized their dream and became a pilot, and in most cases - passenger aircraft.And all of us from time to time to think - how would it be if we followed his childhood dream?How does it feel - to know that it was you, your team make a multi-ton vehicle off the ground and strive for heaven?Even those who have managed to become a pilot of a passenger liner, sometimes thinking - and how it is to pilot a modern super-fast and agile fighter, stunt?But once impressed many magic plane.It later on physics lessons we learned what air resistance, aerodynamics, air pressure, detailed the wing shape and calculate the lift.On the figures is simple and clear.But freak - watch the giant metal, acceleration, first a little off the ground, and then did rush starts smoothly into the sky in order to overcome the huge distances between continents and parts of the world with a valuable human cargo on board.Sometimes you want to feel that all this power and majesty of the governing noun you.But, alas, the content of its own aircraft, most of us can not afford, and the scope of rental vehicles flying in our country is not developed.It was then, and come to the aid of the game Flying in airplanes.Thanks to them, you can, from the comfort of home, without even leaving the workplace to carry passengers from one continent to another, bypassing storms and turbulence, as well as take part in a top secret military operations, aerial defusing terrorist base or intercept enemy bomber, without giving throw him a bomb on the city from the civilian population.Online games planes made accessible to one and all!Why are only the breathtaking aerial battles on thousands height when one box there are a few fighters!Clever and sharp maneuvers, visits with the tail, the peak of hazardous and other aerobatics figures you have to learn to effectively suppress the enemy.Masking in the clouds, to issue bogus homing missiles, dangerous maneuvers between the mountains in tens of meters above the ground at exorbitant rate will make your leisure time the main event of the day!Online games allow planes to realize a childhood dream come true!

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