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Availability and distribution of billiard sports makes it valuable for a variety of age-related, social, categories, children and old people, men and women, for men athletic and not.It should also be noted that it is in Russia, where the sport has developed in isolation from other states, in the end, there was a purely Russian subspecies of pocket billiard games.At first, the 30-40s of XIX century disproportion of parts and a huge variety of equipment was quite normal.Frequent balls much smaller diameter than the width of the pocket, it is too low or too high side tables, it does happen that the pockets were so long the mouth, which is not exactly fired balls often they get stuck.With the game, and the more competition with the chance of such tables is not very bad and players mingled, and not to determine the best possible.Only in 1850 was created a sample pool of six pockets, which solved many of the problems and satisfy all requirements.A hand in a certain Mr. A.Freyberg, who was not only a good player, but manager billiard factory in St. Petersburg.To complicate the game, the balls had to be put strikes with high accuracy - it pockets width greater than the diameter of the ball only a few millimeters.Pockets had shorter mouth, allowing roll in the corner pocket onboard balloons, but here in the middle pocket on the side did not get the ball.Along with the shape of the table, and features pockets being finalized, and the shape of the projection boards in the section where they are covered with rubber.Initially it was just a flat vertical surface.Then the ball was less predictable, because it had many points of contact with the rubber.And from a technical point of view this board make it difficult to perfect.Over time, with the assistance of A.Freiberg and many other billiard professionals was developed "normal side."He has a moderate rounded rubber, and a height of contact with the ball in the upper part, closer to the center.This form of beads used in the Russian pool and the current day.Billiards, especially Russian, is very beneficial to the eye, logic and spatial thinking.And just a very fun, addictive, almost aristocratic noble game that does not require costly.After all, you can play Russian billiards online for free from the comfort of your home or office!This is a great way to pass the time and sharpen your tactical skills of the game of billiards.

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Russian billiards game online

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