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Who does not know the cartoon "The Little Mermaid."According to his story haired mermaid Ariel dreams of living among people.And she - the youngest daughter of King Triton's underwater.In a secret cave it collects and carefully store items of human life as it comes out of the wrecks.Once she saw the ship, which was celebrating his birthday Prince Eric.The ship was wrecked and the Prince almost drowned, but was saved by the little mermaid.Thus began their love.This simple and touching story immediately received great acclaim.And because games based on this cartoon was not long in coming.However, given the specific content, it's mostly games for girls.But the boys here will be as old.Underwater world pleasing to the eye with bright colors and original characters.So the game is very beautiful mermaid and bright.Often developers identify Little Mermaid and Barbie, with the result that there are dress up games.With that, there are some where you have to dress not only the water-nymph, but her lover.Children also love puzzles, but because there were a variety of interesting pictures, which can be collected online.And there will be underwater inhabitants, and seaweed, and underwater inhabitants.But the most interesting part of these games are action games.They mermaid with friends to solve puzzles, rescues friends, reveals all the secrets of the underwater world."Wedding mermaid" - an unusual game in which you are invited to stay a stylist.Mermaid marries the beautiful and beloved prince.But so many things to do: pick up the dress the bride, the groom and the dress, and a banquet hall to make and decorate a wedding procession with flowers and letochkami.Here you have the cards in your hand: You can make a mermaid wedding the way you want.«Fish Care Rush» - Nanny mermaid struggling to cope with a few small cute pets.But it does not work without your help.In fact, the game is a game of daughters and mothers, but in the entourage and style Disney cartoons.«Sirenita y Delfin» - an interesting puzzle with nice graphics, which you can collect different pictures with the water world.And their characters will not necessarily become the little mermaid.Here there will be algae, small and large fish, and squid, and octopus, and snails, and everyone can be seen on the sea floor.«Find The Difference 5" - a game in which you need to time to find as many differences in the two mapped images.Controlled by the mouse.

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