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Movies and cartoons about mermaids have always been the focus of little girls.This is a magical and mysterious characters, besides their draw very beautiful.Since ancient times, mermaids were the heroines of ancient legends and stories.However, often forget that they have always been dangerous for those who like to swim in the depths.After all, their beauty is so mesmerizing that before her irresistible, and they tightened all the onlookers to the seabed.But in today's cartoons and fairy tales they are shown in a very different way: as a sweet, kind and always ready to come to the rescue.A booster is to finish the mermaids and many dear friends who are also fond of young viewers.Given that the game mermaid designed mainly for girls, their bulk is playing for dressing and laying on makeup.Then it is necessary to collect on a date with the prince, then pick up her hair.Also there is a logic game where you have to collect puzzles or an underwater maze.And very popular coloring pages, heroines who are underwater beauty.Games for girls mermaids - it's incredibly fascinating riddles and puzzles.From them you can learn a lot of secrets and fascinating stories of the underwater world and meet its inhabitants.This crab, and rays, and sea stars, turtles and seahorses.But not all these creatures were friendly, among them there are those who should bypass the tenth road.Also popular game about mermaids, based on various cartoons and movies.The well-known animated film "Winx" became the basis for a series of games, as once one of the fairies, Leila, turned into a mermaid.In the games to collect gems to Leila can breathe air, or solve interesting quests.Not long ago, the screens out youth series «H2O.Just add water. "According to his story three friends, bathed in a magic lake, were mermaids.Foot-and-then they have, but when they get wet, then they grow back tails.For explanation of this series appeared mermaid h2o games that bosom friend to solve complex problems, save each other from fishing nets, looking lost in the maze of her friends and just have fun.These games are interesting in that, despite the seemingly cartoon theme, suitable for almost everyone.For example, a game where the mermaid save her friend from the networks, require considerable concentration and intelligence.It is, in fact, quite complex interactive puzzle with lots of options.

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