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Remember the wonderful show, which attracted thousands of weekly viewers.All sat spellbound in blue TV screens, otgadyvaya words show participants, secretly envying Yakubovich, tasted thousands of dishes and receive gifts from each player.Bass drum spinning many people in our country, otgadyvaya word simply telling their stories.Field of Miracles game became so popular that the creators decided to recreate it in the online flash game.And offer you to try their strength and knowledge in this game on our website.Start the game very easily.Registered on the site there is no need to download the game on the PC, too.Just open the site with the game and enjoy the Field of Miracles.Usually a choice of the number of participants from one to four.Online game is, of course, play money, which at the end of the game no one pays.At the interface of the game, of course, involved the main attributes of this game hearth Wonderland.Playing field with the drum, a large display with a closed black squares, which is encrypted by the word-puzzle.It's clear that, as in the present version of the game, the more round, the question is more complicated.Some versions even have a drawing of the legendary leader.Every game - it's three rounds.First round - it's very simple, sometimes even ridiculous questions.Second round - questions require some knowledge in various fields.Third round - tough questions, but as a true leader and he did, they smoothly supplied to the answer.You just need to use wit and erudition show.As in the TV version of the game Field of Dreams, is a virtual drum that spins the party games.The entire drum is divided into sectors.Sector "plus" allows the participant to choose to open one letter on the board with an encrypted word.Sector "prize" - the participant guesses where the hidden prize.If the place is guessed, the reward accrued 200 points and opened one letter on the board.If the answer is the location of the prize is given incorrectly, the player leaves the game, but returned in the next round.Sector "Bankrupt" - all points participant burn to zero.Sector "zero" means the transition to a party game.The sector "X2" - all points scored party games are doubled.From the game you get an enormous pleasure, because the creators completely recreate the atmosphere of the on-screen life.Sounds, music - just like in the real game of the Field of Dreams, unforgotten years.Field of Dreams game are classified as free online flash games that are easy to play quickly and easily when you want.

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