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All-time popular board game "Backgammon" could not go unnoticed by the developers of Flash applications.The main purpose of the game is to move all of their chips around the playing field, to his "home."Found on our website and play backgammon online is not difficult for any person.The main thing to understand for themselves the ins and outs of the rules.Of what is the game?First, the playing field, which has the shape of a rectangle.It has 24 department, 12 from each side.In order to be convenient to move pieces around the board, its painted over each item in two colors.6 departments that are located diagonally to each player called "home."Secondly, you have 15 men-chips, one player they are black in color, and the other white.And third, you must have a pair of dice that are thrown at a time and determine your course.Play Backgammon online for free is better to do when you have free time.If you are familiar with all the summer Games, the rules seem to you more easily.You throw the dice, depending on how many dropped out, you move the checkers.This is a must-do around the playing field.But do not forget that if your bones have been thrown on the opposite side of the board, which is conventionally divided the "bar" or bricks flew for the altars of the field, then your throw is invalid.If, for example, you have a bone fell 5 and 3 to the other, then you take one piece and move it counterclockwise by 5 points, and then take the same or different and are moved by 3.So long as you do not pass, an imaginary circle on the board, and you reach the house, when all pieces will stand in a row, you start throwing them in the quantities that fell on the bones.And who will make it faster, and he won.Just as the game can and should interfere with each other and block items.Many people like to play online Backgammon is exactly the kind of game that evokes passion and attracting interest.Beautiful and attractive interface flash games help to plunge into the atmosphere of ancient times, and to understand how people thought in a few centuries ago, because it has great entertainment roots.On our website are available to play online backgammon games for free that are great fun.You will find some difficulty, levels, as well as new games.If you have not tried to play backgammon online, then you should try and join the exciting world of courage and passion.Enjoy the game, and success in achieving the goals!

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Playing Backgammon Online

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