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Negative heroes have always been popular among the players.The so-called monsters can be small, big, very different body in the form of animals or people.And they can be good, but looks terrible.Thanks to the monster was shot many films and invented a lot of computer games.For fans of this genre, every day new games are developed.And many of them you can play online.There is no need to register on the site, because we have all submitted online games, including game monsters absolutely free.In many games, the goal is to kill the monster and get the victory over the negative hero.For example, in an online appendix "Alliant.Defence Colony ", you will need to defend your base from unwanted intruders.Here you will train soldiers and build barracks.In the game "Warriors and Archers," you have to fight with the rebels from the land of monsters.The goal - to get out of the city and protect the people from evil spirits.In addition to killing evil creatures, you can also play on the side of the monster.In these games, you'll interact with other villains and perform team against humans or other creatures.Very fascinating are those computer games, where you are free to create an image of your monster.Choose his clothes, gun, hair color and completely whole appearance.In a game of this genre is fun to play, not only children but also adults.As technology graphics can be simply stunning and realistic.In order to draw the character of each one must have not only knowledge, but also talent.Therefore, the most popular games monsters they live on the most unusual and interesting scenario, you can see on our web site.Playing this game, you dive into the amazing world of fantasy and adventure.The appearance of the monster, often fits his skills.Not for nothing they draw big hands that can crush their victims, or odd-shaped eyes to glare.A wide variety of talents can have your heroes.To create these games often use stories, mythology and fiction.Your monster can have magic and be totally immune.Some online game about monsters have several levels of difficulty, which allows to pump your character simply unrecognizable.If you enjoy the genre of horror films, then you should try to play one of these games.

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