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Exciting game "Monopoly" for many years breaking all records of other table strategies.It is designed for a large company, the minimum number of players - 2.The goal - to become a monopoly, to seize all the companies on the board.The latter is divided into squares, which are arranged in a circle, divided into different areas of the company.The center has a card game "Chance", as well as the bank with which you make all transactions.The principle of the game is to throw dice, how many drops in your bones, the number of steps you go along, getting on a particular cell.Not all squares written undertaking in some of them you can get a reward or pay a fine.Monopoly has many analogues, can be played on mobile phones, tablets and home computers.Rules of the game at first glance quite light, but during the game you simply can not carry on the dice and you'll have to part with their money without receiving profit.But so is not always.Some try to buy a number of similar businesses to receive from them a high fee for rent.When a player lands on another square, then the owner is obliged to pay for a simple cell or rent.Sometimes quite difficult to make decisions, you need to trade with other players, they have the right to redeem your company, and ensure that you do not go bankrupt.Thanks to the Internet became popular monopoly online play it is a pleasure, a rapid change of events, and diverse style of the game.Such applications will always be in demand.This game will be interesting not only for adults but also for children.It will help to make your child a businessman.Learn to think ahead, to handle money, work as a team, and lots more.Of course, the rules for the children and a little simplified interface suited to their perception, but be sure that even such an easy game for them to be interesting and exciting.There are many online versions of the game Monopoly play online it is sometimes more convenient than sitting at a table and set katochki and chips.You can do this at any time, without waiting until free your friends and relatives.Also, it's always new players that play, think, and think in different ways, giving rise to the action, excitement and interest.All developers of different types of monopoly can not be known.But rest assured that over mind online game "Monopoly" awesome number of people who tested it a few months before to offer fans of the game.

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