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Does it make sense what is happening around us?Do the terms of career, success, money, a car and an apartment?Of course, have, answer it any sane person.But, as if to imagine that what we see around us - a lie?Sweet lie that whispers in your ear every computer program designed to keep us as a plant, creating the illusion of life, activity, self-worth in this world.Then it turns out, this is not real time, we can be anything you want?There is not that the law, government, law - not even the laws of physics!This idea is perfectly played up in the cult film - The Matrix, who at the time of its release won a lot of fans not only impressive special effects and entertainment, but also quite deep thought, rooted in the plot.This idea is closely echoes the Platonic myth of the cave, and other philosophical concepts.The main character of the story - a young boy, leading a double life.By day, he, like everyone else, goes to work, where he wrote the program.Day his name is Thomas Anderson.But at night, he - a talented hacker with the nickname Neo.This went on for a further, if one night he did not come to the computer message that he was stuck in the matrix and the requirement to follow the white rabbit.Followed in a nightclub after a girl with a tattoo he got in the rabbit cycle of events that led to his meeting with Morpheus, to tell him the secret of the Matrix.Morpheus offered Neo 2 capsules - one will do so, that Neo would forget all that he had learned, and the second will show him the real world.Neo chose the second.Next hero awaited further tests.He ended up in a crumbling world ruled by machines, using the energy of the human body to sustain themselves.Neo was on the other side - in Zion, the last city the rebels resisting machines.To fight the enemy in the Neo download knowledge of all martial arts are taught to fight.The team considers him elected - the only one able to help people gain the upper hand over the machines.Favorite feature - the ability to change the matrix.But until that Neo can not, and is very worried for this reason.According to the prophetess, he will die before he can help people.In the matrix, he has superhuman speed, strength and agility, but whether this will be enough to defeat the agents watchdog designed to keep order cars?Matrix game is made so that it will only depend on you!Feel it - to be stronger than the laws of physics and nature, to perform superhuman leaps, move with sverhskorostey rewriting the codes of the world for themselves.

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