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After the cartoon "confit Panda" appeared on the screen, the game industry has released a series of different games with this cute cartoon character and the whole of the Furious Five.Panda Games Conf very original and interesting.After the publication of the second part of the cartoon, the game reached a new peak of popularity.In this case, the game developers did not stop there, and create a new game.With clumsy but charming panda viewers met in 2008.This cartoon tells the story of how the panda wanted to become a master of confit and how he accomplished his goal.With this cartoon many children not only discovered a martial art, but also a belief that if a clear aim and believe in it, then we can all achieve.Online you can find many games of this theme.Games Conf Panda today in virtually all genres.This race, and battles, and quests, and quest, coloring for the kids, and even a game where you can shoot.These include games and Kung Fu Panda 2, in which the software will fight against firearms.Our site offers a closer look at the main character and play games in the series, "Panda Conf."Many games have good graphics and interesting musical accompaniment.These games tend to have a very modest requirements, so that they can even be played on the old computer.The main thing that the internet speed was enough.And these games are very positive and uplifting.If you do not want to play online or you do not have a permanent connection to the Internet, you can download the game and install it on your computer.These games are usually small in size, but because a lot of space on your computer is not engaged.Downloading these games absolutely free, so you do not have to deal with sending sms and transfer money to nowhere.Below, we introduce you to the most popular games of the series confit Panda."Bushido Panda" - this is a game, the plot of which the panda, whose name Bushido, travels the world and punish all evildoers."The trick scooter" - Racing with pandas.You can fly on a scooter at the highest speeds."As against Tai Lung" - a game in which the panda fighting with strong insidious opponents in the boxing ring.There will be no conf: panda will show different boxing techniques."China Conf Panda" - here panda will return to training to prepare for new missions.At the end, the panda can beat the teacher."Colour Kung Fu Panda 2" - in this game you can take any of the eponymous hero liked cartoons and paint it in the colors, in what you want.They are kept closely guarded in their written information about the legend of Wu

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Kungfu Panda game online

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