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You would like to own the shop, small and cozy, which would trade delicious pastries?Probably, this is the dream of many.Offer set in the search box cake shop to play online.Exciting kasochnaya game not only for young children, but also the adult parents who are returning to work, the computer can sit and relax.The game can be run in online mode.It is quite bright, beautifully painted.Control in this game is quite simple.Therefore, any child will understand.Cake shop - is a fascinating and playful toy.Are you the owner of a small shop, candy store, which sells a variety of cupcakes.Your task is to fill all orders quickly and visitors without making mistakes.If you're done, right, except for payment of the order, and you will get more tips.At first, it's simple.In the order there are several types of cupcakes, but soon increases the level of complexity is added to the menu and coffee, ice cream, fruit juice.Of course, the range is becoming more and more diverse.Visitors will enjoy your work, but on the contrary you have to sweat on time, carrying out orders.But this is the point of the game.Speed ​​and skill increases.This game develops a reaction.Play interesting.Indeed, the developers tried their best.Including a game, read the instructions.Pay attention to the clock that displays on the left of the screen.This is the time that is given to serve the customer.The faster the serve guests, the more satisfied he stays.Degree of pleasure is also displayed.Enough to pay attention to the picture next to the cake.The main thing to follow the visitors to watch your work disgruntled visitors.So they, do not add any power or money to your institution.Toy fun, her time just flies by.If you want to treat yourself to a bright and colorful toy to practice their response offers a glimpse at the page of our site dedicated to the game.There you will find games for girls, and also be able to cake shop or play online games to play for free cafe.And you, of course, find what to do.These toys are very popular.Refer to the style of game cafes and restaurants.The creators of computer flash games online recently created countless games that way.Recently there was a game Cake Shop 2.Even more modern and faster.Do you want to try your hand - then go ahead for new adventures in the world of cooking!

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