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Unique person - George Lucas.A masterpiece of cinematography was created by his hands.Beautiful, detailed world traced flavored breathtaking plot, just did blew society.And, although the saga is over, fans still continue to create.But the secret of the success of George Lucas is not the only problem.After all, at the same time worked with the filmmakers and great game developers.After the film version of the movie world blew up, was created a few games that are not just beautiful - they just blew up the gaming world!Star Wars play games attract not only fans of the series, but just gamers - fans of shooters, including the network.Within Batlfronta example, the player is invited to play as a common soldier in the Star Wars universe.In the game Star Wars Choose from a number of specifications - Assault, sniper, grenade throwers.Side of the conflict as well, you can choose - from the battle droids to the clones.The player to capture points, destroy enemies, punching defense.The game is so hard and dense atmosphere envelops the star wars that slowly begin to believe that all this is real.In the Battle of Geonosis clones and battle droids federation die one by one, as the hero dies, returning to the starting point.This battle makes feel expendable.After fighting being adults and serious - giant robots, Jedi and many other troops are fighting in combat.Being a lone hero, come and kill all without the help does not work, even playing the battle droids of the Trade Federation.Corps that can not be afraid - it can penetrate the shield, but the fighter or combat platform smear player with a single shot.Similarly, at 100%you can not protect what you got into a giant battle robot.Of it is very inconvenient to aim and objectives diverge, forcing move that whopper as long as artillery did not ruin it.For fans it alone is the confrontation of the Jedi series.There you will be invited complicated storyline, where you can become either a Jedi or a Sith, at your discretion.However, at the end of the game selection does not affect so many people choose the dark side - because his power is much more useful in battle, while the Jedi talents allow him to peacefully resolve issues.And when it comes time for the final battle, joking Sith deals with the enemy, but the adept light side have pretty sweat.As you can see, in a series of Star Wars everyone can find something that is to your taste.So I recommend a simple flash version of the game, well while away.

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