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Dragons - fabulous, mythical creatures, is the embodiment of strength, power and wealth.Dragons can be very diverse - from long, serpent-like baleen Chinese dragons, to the three-headed snake paunchy Gorynycha.They are of good and evil, treacherous and funny, big and small, are even hand!Most common in Europe, the legends of dragons were in the Middle Ages, when many knights orders dreamed treasure dragons, princesses, clearly of great love, sent his Knights of the dragon's head.Then return with honor by doing whim favorite for the knight was a big problem, because the dragons, alas, only existed in myths, legends and fairy tales.But today things have changed!If all of a sudden, your favorite will send you a dragon's head - feel free to go in the game Dragons online.Here you will be able not only to plunge into a fairy tale atmosphere of the Middle Ages and kill a dragon for the favorite, but may have to tame one of them flying.And if you want to know these wonderful animals very close, you can even become a dragon!But in real life, sometimes it is missing some magic, magic.And when life is already jammed gray permeates like dank damp wind to a fault - just go to the game about dragons, and all this darkness is simply swept away giant scaly wings, closing half the sky.Start a fascinating journey through the games with dragons!If you see that the evil dragon terrorizing civilians - you'll get full of dangers and unexpected journey into the underground and the fight to the enemy.Will win and become the hero!If you - the brave knight in love with the princess, languishing in a castle guarded by evil dragon - Be smart, daring, agility and strength to make my love!If medieval treasure hunter, then your path will necessarily lead to a cave dragon, because we all know that a huge treasure hidden there.Ruse to lure the dragon, and deceive him or kill him!If you're a magician, inspiring fear and respect for ordinary people, who knows what the majority is not given, and alone can turn back the army, the dragon your faithful friend and assistant, transportation, and military power.And wherever you go in this fascinating world, whoever you may be - boring certainly will not.How can you get bored when on the agenda rescue princesses, treasure hunt, a trip to a neighboring kingdom on fire-breathing beast and winning over numerous enemies?Come and play, it's worth it!

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