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On the internet are a lot of simulations on different themes - you can build a house and follow the life of the characters in it, you can drive a super fast race cars on the track, you can make extreme jumps on a bike or play sports.Many enthusiastically playing a computer football, playing tactical combinations, and develop tactics, strategy, etc., that is needed for the beautiful game, the end of which is waiting for a victory.Someone close other games, such as basketball.Is not so popular in our country, such as football, basketball also has its fans.Moreover, the number of simulations show that this popularity is wide.Online Basketball Games have several kinds.Excuse me, where you just need to get the ball in the ring, is more difficult, requiring to perform certain tasks, the sequence of actions that will lead to a gain in full simulation and basketball games.In order to play the latest, you need to know the rules, and be able to make quick decisions, to have a good response and be able to wait.Most games still require the player to simply entering the basket, but this is not so simple, because the player is always something in the way.The most popular option - you need to have time to throw the ball when the pointer reaches the center of the crosshairs.If you throw a split second earlier or later, the ball fly past the basket.Such games are harder than real, because the ball has no control muscles of the body, and the mouse or keyboard, it is clear that this is a completely different ball control.The main advantage of the computer game of basketball is that it focuses attention and learns to make decisions, as well as produces perseverance and patience.Control of the game is usually very simple, can cope with it, even a child.Basketball game performance very different - from drawing cartoons where the hero could be anyone of the famous cartoon characters and movies, to simulators that fully simulate the playing field.This allows you to make the game interesting not only for children and adolescents, but also for adults.In addition, there is a basketball for girls, where they play a variety of dolls or magical characters.Such games are simple and decorated brightly, but they are also designed to promote alertness and reaction.Of course, the more popular version of the classic game, but basketball fans prefer to try different versions of the game to get new experiences

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