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Adventure films and thrillers are popular because they allow the viewer to experience strong emotions, to get adrenaline rush and for a time to present itself of the action.In search of the same emotions people start to play computer games, which, unlike the movies do not just show a picture, but the offer to become one of the characters.That is why action games are one of the most popular genres.Dynamic action, ever-changing situation, which requires a constant voltage, and love the attention to men.Computer games like not only teenagers, but adults who never have enough wit and risk.Action games are usually created based on famous movies such as "Spider-Man," "Fast and Furious", "Rambo" like.The main thing in them - it's speed and constant action.The hero can perform some mission or purpose without wandering around the city, most importantly, do not stand still.In contrast to the arcades or quests, party Action game can follow the action through the eyes of his hero, thereby creating the effect of full immersion in the game.On the Internet there are a lot of games genre Action, and, among them are fiction, and fantasy, and space travel, and the more classic fighters.I believe that such games can promote violence and unwarranted aggression in adolescents.In fact, this is one way to get a vivid emotion, while training the memory, logic, intelligence and thoughtfulness.Perhaps the game in the style of Action can be compared with the extreme biking or car - emotions no less vivid, but zero probability of injury or accident.In the Action game can be played alone or with someone using the network.Online games have an advantage over loaded on the PC, because it does not take up space on your computer.However, there are many Auction games for mobile phones.Impression, of course, less bright, but you can enjoy your favorite game anywhere.Action games are very popular, therefore, their quantity and quality is increasing every day.With the release of new films and new heroes will inevitably come the idea of ​​a game.Not surprisingly, many teens prefer playing Action, because even when the opportunity to feel like Batman or Spider-Man?Also in the game the opportunity to completely forget about the reality and risk his life, it is not being subjected to danger.

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