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Amazingly beautiful and original game 4 elements is a fascinating puzzle game that introduces players to the magic of the four elements and the magical world.Background The game sounds like this: forces of darkness were able to penetrate the magical land, destroying all the holy shrines, thereby bringing down the wrath of Mother Nature in the beautiful flowering meadows and all the inhabitants of this beautiful country.After the destruction of shrines beautiful world into a virtually uninhabited desert.Was only able to survive only castle, hidden from bad weather on the mountain.Sage, who lives in it, will tell you about the mission to be carried out to you in this exciting puzzle game.To the lost splendor of this wonderful edge was returned, you need to fill all the desecrated shrines and altars of magical energy.To do this, the player must allocate chains of three or more arcane pieces, thus destroying the obstacles standing in the way of magical substance.All the knowledge required, you can learn from the advice of the forest fairies and magical treatises.Games online 4 elements have long been rightfully gained much popularity and the love of many players.Also, the players, except for fun manipulations with different chips expect mini-games of this genre, like "I'm looking for," because each of the altars around you can find the hidden key that will unlock your books of magic.Books of magic you still have to find that adds interest and intrigue of this fascinating game.Accompanying you everywhere Fairy will always come to you for help, explaining the rules of the game and giving valuable advice for finding the key or artifact.Benefit from its advice you can at any suitable time for you.Games online like 4 elements not only for adults but also for children, helping to develop their logic, wit and intelligence.Games online 4 elements, which you can find on the Internet, will allow you to enjoy your favorite and exciting game, not downloading and installing it on your computer.The game will amaze you with an amazing and beautiful graphics, captivating and beautiful music, as well as fun and exciting gameplay that will allow you to escape from the routine of everyday life, thus immersed in your favorite game.In this fun and exciting game, you will be introduced to the world of sorcery and magic, as well as to tame the four elements by studying the magic of fire, air, earth and water.All this is waiting for you in Game 4 of the element.

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