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Surely everyone remembers the game Arkanoid, which is based in fighting off the ball with a mobile platform.The platform can be moved only horizontally.Of course, everyone with this game a lot of memories.Originally, this game appeared to slot machines.She then appeared in the good old friend - Tetris.Then the cartridges were released with this game, which was inserted into the console and connected to the TV.Later appeared advanced consoles, which also produced the game.After that, the game was released for mobile phones and, in the end, on a modern computer.Thus, this game was a whole evolution, and still remains popular.Today, it is best to play Arkanoid online.After all, it does not need to buy cartridges, download files, and simply go to the site and wait a few seconds.This game is attractive for its simplicity and fun.It seems that the mobile platform to manage rather monotonous and uninteresting, but only think before the game.Actually knock the ball is sverhinteresno cubes.Indeed, during the game verified response and the ability to improvise.After knocking down a certain number of bonus dice fall.As a bonus, may be a tablet, giving to temporarily increase the platform, a bomb, which destroys several blocks, and more.Today there are many clones of the game.But the original version is the best version of the game.Distinguish the original Arkanoid is easy.In the original version introduced seven prize capsules or tablets, each of which has a different color.This game has 33 different levels.On the last level of the player can fight with the boss, whose name is on the story Doh.During the battle with the boss arkonoid uses all remaining stock bonuses.On the way to the boss you have to pass a difficult path, but the goal is worth it.With each level the number of bricks increases.Besides increasing the velocity of the ball.It should be noted that some of the bricks are not destroyed after hitting a ball into them.For complete destruction to hit them twice.Bricks, which should fall twice have a steel or gold color, depending on the version of the game.Usually it is of such bricks fall prize capsules.Enjoy the game, improve your skills and defeat the boss on the final level Doh.Enjoy the game!

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