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Each of us in childhood wanted to go to the mysterious underwater world.However, over time, to realize that the dream is not feasible.Today everything is different.Every child can visit the unique lost world, for example, such as Atlantis.It's enough to run the game Diamond Atlantis and enjoy all the pleasures of the virtual world.The game play online diamond Atlantis much easier.After all, no need to download extra files and score a place on your computer.In this game, every child and adult can feel as a hunter of the artifacts.You will encounter a lot of adventures and obstacles, which held a very interesting and exciting.Diamond on the history of Atlantis was lost after the abyss of the ocean swallowed the mysterious continent.Your task is to go to the complex way in search of a legendary artifact.This artifact is not only of great beauty, but also the ability to give its owner a magical skills.This adventure game is a challenging puzzle game, which is interesting for both children and adults.In addition to the beautiful design and excellent sound effects, it contains an intriguing story, which was not disclosed by the authors, to the last moment.On the playing field of the game diamond Atlantis scattered various precious stones.Their number depends on the level.Colored stones to build in such a way as to obtain a line of the same color.Once the line is formed of one color, consisting of at least three gems, it burns, and on the field, new stones.It should be remembered that the time and the deep ocean complicate the game, making the stones hard to get, so the line must be collected as soon as possible.Without exception, the passage of each level of the game time is limited.And with each new level gives you less time.The longer the line of the stones of the same color, the better, because of the length of the bonus.After accumulating a certain amount of bonus you get a gift: a dynamite bomb or gun.On your way will be an array of complex puzzles, but the end justifies the work, because your reward will be the answer to the riddle of diamond Atlantis.Diamond Atlantis - it's incredibly addictive game that draws us into a world of adventure and puzzles.100 levels in the game, each of which is striking in its intrigue.Play, move and learn the secrets of Atlantis diamond.However, be aware that this can do only the best!

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