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Every person wants to work hard to relax and come home and play a game that will not stretch, but only a pleasure and a welcome relaxation.It is such a game is 98 lines, a game that seemed, founded in 1998, and, in fact, is an old, does not lose its position and popularity today.This game is a logical, but to play online for the line is not difficult, because the very concept of the falling ball is very simple.You all know that the game needs to collect the line, which consist of at least three to five balls of the same color, so you have to make a line.That is why the game is called the second line or the popular name of the balls.Line ball games today are very popular, and created a lot of new and modern counterparts, including the technical aspects, is the quality of graphics and game points themselves, but either way, the lines do not lose their popularity.Every day more and more people are given to nostalgia, playing in the line online.Lines 98 to play online is possible today, in contrast to that time, as we all remember, the game installed on your computer from a floppy disk or CD, fortunately this time has passed, and now you can calmly lines to play, just by going to the website .Line game balls are the most popular flash games, because we're playing, not making any mental abilities.And the game itself delivers only a pleasure, and it's a lot.How to play the line?Game mode and graphics were created for 98 year, and since then almost did not change.Developers wanting to leave everything intact, but modify the gaming capabilities of the modern world, in particular, it can work on the newest operating systems.So, the game itself: it starts with a dialog box that has a top panel, you can select the mode that will show the new balls, as it is possible to note their progress, or even start over.As already mentioned, it is necessary to collect the line, they in turn should consist of three to five or more balls.You can also come up with other figures to get the most points, collect them in six or ten balls.How does the mechanism of gathering lines and shapes?You only need to move the ball to each other as possible in the game line up.If you dial seven or more balls of the same color in the same line, they disappear and you get points.

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