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Many of us are very fond of the classic logic puzzle in which every year to change the design, but not the idea and content.It is such a game genre and represents three in a row.Computer games have extraordinary evolution over time of its existence.We can say that it was way off the ground and the heavens, and even higher.If we compare the first game created for the computer, and a modern novelty, then it is safe to say that the work and efforts of developers was not in vain.Now in stores you can find many discs recorded with the best representatives of the gaming art.You can not walk away and also the game, the main action takes place on the network.3 games in a row online widespread on the Internet.An interesting fact is that the gameplay has not changed since the first game in this genre.The essence of the game online is 3 in a row to make the blocks with the same images in a row.In each series of such units should be at least three.A better way to make them the maximum amount because the more blocks in a row, the more points the player receives.Many are accustomed to such mind games on your phone.Even on older models have similar features toys that have long ceased to keep pace with the times.They are outdated and did not attract the users.At the same time, computer developers have thrown their hand at creating a more complete version of the game that will appeal to users of the Internet.These versions are mostly due to changes in the design of the game and the playing field.It can be gems, cakes, hats, watches and so on.The main story as to just a good story with which to explain the need to gather in a row three of the same square.The main feature of this game is that it never ends.No, of course, if the developer is registered history, which must somehow be completed until the user has three dozen levels, it is, of course, is complete.But most often these are the types of online games do this indefinitely.They each level can vary the rate of appearance or squares, or the images themselves on these boxes.Scares that from this game is sometimes difficult to come off.But this fact is more joyful for developers, who can be proud of his brainchild, created in work and worry.

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