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It is now very difficult to remember a time when none of the gamers had no idea of ​​such a popular game Angry birds.This game today is probably one of the most iconic games for mobile devices.The genre of this game - casual.Angry birds online - it is quite possible and even real.For those who can not afford to buy a suitable mobile device, where you can install the game, the producers have created a special application in the browser from the popular search engine Google.Now, even while sitting at a computer, anyone can setup a game and enjoy an interesting process ... interesting process of what?Still need to make a digression and tell the story of the cult game.The plot has got a simple and plain.Some birds are very vigilantly guard the nest with eggs.Eggs are very zealously guarded from any small troublemakers, but for some reason do not see the sad fact that the offspring stolen.Eggs stolen long ago and the worst enemies of these same birds - nasty green pigs.The leader of all this green fraternity is the queen or king of the sow-pig (actually, this fact is not known and the user can choose the appropriate option.)Green pigs have stolen the birds eggs with one simple and understandable desire - rather eat them in the form of eggs.But birds are not ready to just give away their young to the wolves green pigs, so they will fight to the end.They are ready to show these thieves, what is the real bird angry.Obviously, hence the name of the game - Angry birds.A series of Angry birds game online is no different from those games that are available for users to download various kinds of mobile devices.At the moment there are so many versions of this game.They differ in the game locations, change the set of birds and a variety of tools.The game Angry birds - a peculiar phenomenon of our time, which is almost impossible to explain.While there, perhaps!The game is very entertaining and thought-out plot, which makes the game even more exciting.In the game a lot of levels - a fact that is good news, because it's very frustrating at times when loved the game ends.Also a big plus of this game - it's a large variety of versions on certain places, figures or dates.Play with pleasure in the funny game Angry birds!

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