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This group has collected all the funny and fun. It does not matter - fun games for girls or boys, or even adult fun - funny will be required. They do not need to look deeper meaning - it's just a little joke, and sometimes frank banter. But without them, life would be a little tuskney. These games can also be divided into several groups. In the first group there are different humorous quests that have a clear story line. This is a more complex and voluminous game, that does not prevent them to be quite fun. These quests - really fun game, they can play with the same pleasure and adults and children. The second group - the mini-games that take just a few minutes. It's games like "Rock, Paper, Scissors", "Find the person in the photo," and other similar miniature. They are easy and fun to quickly elevate mood and distract from the sad thoughts. The third group comprises the game - simulators. The characters and locales may vary, but the essence of them about this: reveler goes from bar to bar, drinking a glass of liquor. Naturally, he soon loses coordination, and become unmanageable. And this staggering and falling hero to bring home. The characters were a cowboy, a Scot, Santa Claus, etc.etc. In the fourth group game more difficult, but no less fun. Many people probably play the game "Get a neighbor." From the name it is clear that the neighbors need to do different shit: pour glue into the washing machine, overdo soup, put a button, and the like. Funny games online in this group are based on the device all the wiles: the bride and groom, teacher, janitor, chief, captain of the ship. But you never know who, just to draw a more interesting! Then there are the little games, stress, fun games online for free of the "Break the sofa." You are provided with a choice of different means of destruction - and more! And in these games can give the face boss, or a famous politician or a popular singer. Or to arrange a gladiatorial battle between Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy. Often players of such games is a famous cartoon characters and movie heroes. In funny situations get Sponge Bob, The Simpsons family, Terminator, Jim Carrey, and others. Play fun games never get tired. If something does not go well, a bad mood, the rain outside the window, or just tired - to bring you the fun games - the best way of positive charge on the day!

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