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Most cherished dreams are most often out of reach of, or not feasible. The more people with desire, so it is more desirable. So dearest wish of mankind for thousands of years has been the desire to experience the sensation of flying. In the 20th century, people learned to fly with the help of technology. But they did not allow to soar like a bird in the sky. Most people flying as passengers, - what's the adrenaline? You sit in a comfortable cabin, as the bus. A hang glider or parachute did not all have the opportunity to fly. And so eager! And then, finally, there were games Fly online. This genre of games emerged one of the first and has since firmly holds the palm, second only to office games. Computer technology can create a very beautiful game, with highly realistic trompe flight. Play Flying online is fun and easy: control in these games is very simple. Flight simulators are designed for a very wide audience - they enjoy playing both adults and children. Also important is the fact that these games do not require a lot of resources and do not overload your computer, unlike a flight simulation, which are the most cumbersome computer games. Flight simulators are interesting and diverse subjects. Most often it is flying on different types of aircraft. If it is a military plane, you will play the role of an ace, leaving the pursuit of the enemy, or an ongoing dogfight. If a passenger plane - then the terrorists on board, and the difficult weather conditions pose additional challenges of flight. Sometimes your vehicle - ship. Then you wait a space pirates. And if the story is written in the style of fantasy - you have to ride a dragon. In addition to these resources are found flying gliders, UFOs, helicopters and even airships - all that can soar up into the air. But what ever you fly - drive you will get for sure, and, gaining height, not one hour spend in free flight. In the children's versions of the game young balloonist can control magic carpet, stepping Baba Yaga. And can transform into a bird and not just hover above the ground, but also to catch the fly midges. Fly to also include games that simulate skydiving. This requires considerable skill. However, the most loved are airplanes. And not all games are necessarily military: you can simply perform complex aerobatics. And with the advent of three-dimensional graphics, it looks amazing and wonderful!

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