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"Play ball online" - so we write in the search box, when we want to play in this wonderful toy from our childhood. We all remember, as before, to the Tetris we played a game where the ball was jumping on top of the walls and smashed the whole building, taking away with it, at each stroke, one unit of the plant and then landing on a moving platform. Here and on the Internet there are many different and fun games on the topics that are similar in characteristics of the game, but you know, different from the previous games - graphics. Tetris on the construction consisted of small cubes and one cube only takes a pixel, and in our modern games is already a traced object. Instead of pixel dots, you will see the colored balls that are on the small distance from each other. The essence of the game is to start using the ball, which is located at the bottom of the screen, to crush all the buildings (they also consist of balls). In this case, there are several difficulties. Thus, the first of them, is the dependence of the ball on its color. That is, that to destroy the balls of red, you must first connect to the ball two red balls of the same color. Only when the three balls of the same color touch each other they can be eliminated. In the balls to play online is simple, but requires care. Sometimes you may find that you can not collect the next three same color balls. Then you have to attach a different color balls to each other, but that they are not destroyed. Of course, this reversal will not lead to victory and be repeated eight times. And the platform with colorful balls move down. The game ends when all the marbles games to drop to the level of your world, and you just run out of room to move your ball from the platform. It would not have sounded sad, but we need to start playing from the beginning. We all love to play ball for free and without registration. Game balls like some famous game «Zuma Deluxe». Certainly, the game balls online can not be compared with the divine game «Zuma Deluxe», and the rules of the game are different. But, nevertheless, the game has its loyal fans a long time. Game Balls takes pride of place among the arcade games and it plays for about tens of millions of people on our planet. This means that its popularity for a long time does not run out, and the game will please the new generation of its simplicity, passion and colored balls. Hope you will enjoy the game and win!

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