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Smeshariki - Russian animated series, aimed at any age group, both children and their parents. Funny balls - round stylized little animals in a new way. Smeshariki each has its own character, morals, self-interest. One of the main advantages Smesharikov to view child category, is the fact that among the nine Smesharikov no negative characters. Also the advantage of this cartoon is that the story is based on situations that can occur in the life of any child. Do not forget that the creators of a lot of time devoted to humor. Funny balls curious, friendly, naive, and they can easily remember and draw any child. The current generation of children is very early start to get acquainted with the computer. It is therefore very important to pay more attention to the selection of good and educational games for the smallest audience. It is for these children and created Smeshariki game. Smeshariki online games are designed for children from the age of five. Smeshariki games were created based on the cartoon. A child who has seen the animated series before, can easily understand the game. The presence of the fact that the game, like in a cartoon no negative characters, inspires confidence in the parents. It is worth noting that pleasant and soothing colors and shades, which made the game, will not affect the child's perspective, that is, will not harm him. Smeshariki games are made in such a way that they can be played by both girls and boys. Smeshariki games for girls focused on the development of your child's development of his attention, logic, reaction, speed of thinking and dexterity. Simple and fun your child will master the alphabet. Simple and fun games will help him learn to read and count. In game Smeshariki play for free on our website will be able to, and the baby, he will develop the ingenuity and creativity of the assignment. Playing in this simple and exciting game your child, in a simple form of a game quickly acquire the skills and innovative thinking. Smeshariki online games will contribute to orientation in space as well as time. The game develops the ability to analyze a situation in which there is a child, and in some situations, and focus. Other types of "Smeshariki" aim to develop motor skills, accuracy and responsiveness. There are games on the formation of puzzles. Each of the players based on their preferences, can choose a character Barash, Hedgehog, croche, Nyusha for children and Kar-Karych, Kopatych, Losyash, Ping, Sovunya adults.

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