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They say motherhood - the greatest happiness in the lives of women. And they say that children - it is an eternal insomnia, nerves, cries and diapers. Where is it? We do not need to understand who is right and who is not. All right. But we say one thing today - with the children on the monitor handle is much easier than with these toddler. Games nurse fun and useful for your daughter - she will get useful skills, learn the basic needs and desires of a small child. And after, when other girls will look at the wide-eyed baby, your baby will surprise everyone with his knowledge in the care of small children. Games for girls nurse - are colorful flash game where you can be the best mom in the world for their crumbs, clothing, diapers, bathe them. You can reduce their kids to the park, take a trip. Create amazingly identical twins and watch them grow and develop. You can be a dad, nanny, yes anyone, as long as your kids are healthy and well-groomed. Naughty Twins arrange your fun weekend. You will not have time to do them forever whims and desires, to feed, dress. But fear not, a bit of practice and all is well. Playing the game as a nanny nanny, remember that the number of earnings depends on the quality of care for the baby, so forget to think about the TV and favorite TV shows! Also, you can try yourself as a kindergarten teacher, and the task is much more complicated - you are the one, but the kids around a great many, and all of them together and the choir are asked to eat, walk, play, sleep, sleep, sleep, play again! Being so overwhelmed playing different actions remains some strange attraction to these games again and again forcing girls to find them in the search for hours to swaddle your baby online. You know that you get a real pleasure, watching as your child grows, utters his first words, taking the first steps, the first rise and fall, albeit very small, small. But it is not so important for my mother - the only important thing is that she brought this kid and all that is happening now, its merit. This feeling does not describe it, simply to survive. And this small chance you now have with our online games. Play in the care of the kids on our site, feel like a real mom, invite friends to the game and friends! And let the kids grow up healthy and strong for the joy mothers!

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