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Gravity - is an exciting and interesting game. Setting the game can be quite diverse. Different series of games will take you to different worlds and times, dangerous and will sometimes very complex task, which only you can handle. Gravity can play on your computer, phone and even set-top box, it all depends on you and your choice. Each series of games will give you the opportunity to play different characters and perform your assigned missions and tasks. You can be the Master of Gravity and travel, in spite of all the laws of gravity and overcome all obstacles standing in your way. Another game you can be a pilot a ship that sails the universe, as the provisions of your command and helping other people of your vast galaxy. Gravity can play games online as well, which certainly is not diminished interest in the game, but instead allows customers to enjoy your favorite game, sitting in the office, or simply escape from everyday affairs of the computer. In each of these games you must pass more and no less interesting task preceded earlier. In one of a series of games you have to overcome various obstacles, while in the guise of a robot, avoiding all obstacles on the way to its goal. Interest in the game add various rivals, who are trying to stop you on the road to victory. Users are also given the opportunity to play Gravity multiplayer games over the Internet or sitting with a friend on the same computer using a keyboard or using the joystick or other gaming devices that will diversify the time spending. And also allow for a good time with friends while playing your favorite game and enjoy the wonderful fellowship with like-minded fans and Gravity Games. Nice variety of games will please even the most experienced user and be able to take great pleasure in the passing game with a variety of design backgrounds, a variety of tasks, missions and goals of the game. The player is also given the choice of the main character and his abilities, which is present in most lines of some games. Difficulty every right to choose their own, which will allow even the novice player to overcome more difficult obstacles, improving their playing skills, developing the logic and intelligence. Series of games aimed precisely on the development of logic, which is very useful for children. For the older players allocated other line of games that will fill spending time with colorful paints and engage players in full, giving unforgettable pleasant emotions from the passing game.

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