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Simulations of the real behavior of physical models and ballistics in use for a long time. And it comes as no surprise - in fact for many it is almost the main purpose of the computer - to calculate the behavior of real objects in different situations. But it was interesting for the players is of any age. One of the first such games should be considered locks or castles, in the original. The Game is very simple: you need to calculate the flight of the projectile, so that as soon as possible volley to break the enemy castle before he will break yours. This, apparently simple little game that could drag on for a long time, because all the values ​​that affect the flight of the projectile are generated randomly, and the number of positions to account for the calculation is huge. All this only to have to leave zero in a few moves. Some versions of the game allow you to play together on the same computer, which makes the game more fun - because you can compete with your friends in skill! Gambling, which gives this game envied by many MMO games. Here, everything is equal, and the decisive factor of victory - only their own ability. It also is an aspect of the game, who once won millions. In our time, these games do have the technology Flash. The original game has spawned many imitators, the locks have changed. To attract players, under that name today is a completely different concept of the game world. Now the game locks - are physical simulations. For example, you can be the commander of the barbarian army and besiege castles monarchist. In castles hidden king, queen, princes and princesses, pages. The goal - to shoot the lock so that the death of all its defenders. This gives you a catapult, but the enemy did not fire back. But, despite this, the problem is quite complicated. You have a limited number of shots, and bait - a solid bonus for winning the first shot. Indeed, at every level, there is a point that the castle ruin on one hit. Or break the overlap, which will destroy all inside - it is also a victory. As you progress through the levels become harder and harder, more goals, and they are better hidden. Your weapons are not standing still - perfect shells, and catapult themselves. First, you simply log meta, then you can use the stones and iron projectiles. Each projectile has tripled modification which greatly increases the effectiveness of fire. The game has even bombs! Just imagine what you may do with triple charge bombs!

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