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At the moment there are so many genres of computer games. They are very hard to calculate, so no one keeps statistics. I must say one thing, none of the genres of computer games with time not losing its popularity, on the contrary, some genres acquire new fans, and with them a second life. Escape game - it's a game that managed to combine once more popular genre of computer games. In this game have a place to be racing, adventure, arcade, simulation and logic. Escape game can be based on any film or literary work, also not excluded the option that the story told in the game, it's something completely new. Most often, the plot of the game swirls around the wrongfully convicted person. At large for their rights will not be nobody to fight, as no one will take over the search for the perpetrator. That's why the prisoner himself to get back into the open, where, finally, done his justice. The game begins in the chamber, where the player must be released. The process of opening the camera often accompanied by a conversation with one of the guards, or with any of the prisoners. After the main character is selected from your camera, this is where it all begins. Now comes the hard timing, which set aside a prisoner to escape, if it is for a dedicated amount of time will not have time to reach the ultimate goal, the mission will fail and have to start over. But not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. Obstacles to the long-awaited freedom the prisoner will be, and quite a lot. First, it is a different kind of dead ends and locked doors, which can not pass without a key or a certain pass. Delays in places significantly reduce the time allotted. Also, a large number of prisoner pursues guards, mostly the order which is the delivery of a fugitive prisoner back to his cell. Player during his escape can enjoy a variety of things that he finds around him. It can be various tools that are useful to perform some tasks in the game, and can be useful items that will increase vitals fugitive. Game "Escape" - a game for all times. Remarkably, she was elected not only children and adolescents, but also men who are addicted to computer games. According to them, this game - just what you need for relaxation and fun on the computer.

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