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Supermarket Mania - a new exciting simulator with economics, in which you help a young girl Nikki to make a career in the supermarket. It is not so harmless toy as it may seem at first glance. Supermarket, which employs Nikki is under strong pressure corporations TORG, which seeks, by all means, to destroy all the shops that are nearby. To do this, she hires thieves who make goods from the shop floor, and create disorder. Nikki task - to keep track of the order in the supermarket and make sure that no buyer did not go shopping! Nikki enthusiastically working for the good of the store to the running of a small shop, he became a great popular supermarket. For this it is necessary not only to keep order in the courtroom. The girl puts the goods on the shelves, put product in place if it suddenly toppled over small children. You also need to constantly ensure that the trading floor was a perfect purity, if not removed in time, someone from the users may accidentally slip and fall. This is unlikely to configure it for shopping, but because he left, and Nikki will be without pay. Girl tries very hard for the benefit of his shop, and spend the money earned to buy better equipment to replace the old one. In addition, to enhance the prestige of his store, she always have to watch his reputation. Nikki has to protect them from the thieves, hired Corporation TORG, and in so doing, it helps to alert security guard and video surveillance system. Supermarket Mania, you can simply play online at our site! Help Nikki small shops to raise the level of popular supermarkets - make it not only a successful business woman! Nikki began his career from the simple folding of goods on the shelves, but every day it manifests itself more and more, becoming a great executives, ready to stand up for the honor of his store. The girl is not afraid of any difficulties and bravely defended the reputation of his supermarket, without entering into the vile war large corporations. She fights for every buyer, trying to make it stay in the shop more comfortable - Nikki maintain the purity and cleanliness of sales area, puts on a supermarket shelf only the best products, and has been fighting with teens who do petty theft. Nikki observant and always has time to make all the time, because on the way to the success of her one and nothing will stop!

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