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To date, hardly comics just pictures. Today, it is a whole industry, which some even refer to contemporary art, which is based on a synthesis of combining literature and drawing. After all, comics are built on a combination of a certain artistic manner, inventing original stories and writing intensive dialogues. After all, comics - is a world that lives by its own laws. And these worlds have a lot of fans who love and understand and feel this very thin atmosphere. This is a very important feature of the comic strip: there is a lot of bright images, original stories and the original dynamics of the story. However, not always they have any highlight that allows the images on paper come to life. Special attention is given studio "Marvel", whose comics meet a variety of characters. These biography comics show characters reveal their personalities, and more. Characters such comics - superheroes who come into conflict with the forces of evil and injustice. That superhero fights among themselves and with all manner of villains were fruitful topic for computer games. After all, if the game has two characters, it can bring in twice the fans of comics. And, accordingly, the popularity of D double. Still there were "X-Men", "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" and many other famous and favorite games. After all, the characters familiar to the viewer, not only comic books, but also on a number of films. And then the game, the most popular of which are playing Wolverine and the X-Men. They are excellent entertainment for teenagers from all over the world. Below we will discuss the most popular ones. "X-Men. Search and destroy "- perhaps the most popular game in the series. This is a game-walker with a lot of fighting game elements. Wolverine arrives on Genosha, and must get to Magneto. To do this, he must go through a number of complex mazes and destroy the robots serving villain. And in order to get to the next level, you need to find a special card, so be careful. Control is designed for fighting, so you control the character with the arrow keys and the space bar, which, in fact, is hit. "X-Men: Escape" - a game in the genre of action. Wolverine goes looking for his friends, abducted by unknown villains. And without you, he could not cope, so help her favorite hero, where the Council, and where and with his fist.

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