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"Pirates of the online game" - a product aimed at a diverse audience. The theme of the game is rather popular. Times brave pirates have long been interested in the many. Specifically, this game tells the story of a time when the land is not considered circular, in rural and urban taverns protection was better than in the royal palaces, and the best argument in any disputes was the blade. In those days the pirates looted honest mariners. Then they hid the loot on a mysterious desert island, drawing maps, which are then cut into pieces and stashed in various parts of the world. Players who dared to take this exciting adventure, will be invited to a lot of travel, battles and incredible discoveries. In the most unlikely of places unsuspecting player will wait for a variety of sea monsters, a mystery, and the most dangerous adventures that one can dream up. The game has four main character's appearance, which can be changed directly at the request of the player. The presence in the arsenal of the character variety of items, clothes and weapons means of his secret abilities and skills. Of course, the most important and loyal companion of any pirate ship it is, as the game is a vehicle you can not just change, improve and modernize. The game also contains interesting and mysterious mission. Get the missions can start a conversation with a certain character in the game. For each mission, which was successfully completed, the player is awarded in the form of money or treasure, and various bonuses - treasure maps, sketches, drawings, and, of course, the reputation scores. Game "Pirates" in their story provides a huge number of sea battles in which, for greater realism can sometimes participate hundred warships. Large-scale battles are on dialup ocean. Strikes the imagination and variety of ships, which are involved in the battles. There are various options and decoupling of the fight. All this is due to the fact that the decision to fire the enemy with long-range guns, or take it on board the ship - it is entirely objective player. All the fun of navigation in this game is a variety of openings and search. As a consequence, can open new, hitherto unknown lands, and appear completely unimaginable adventure.

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