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More than 5,000 years ago in the East was invented board game "Backgammon", but because of the diversity of peoples who played it, with new rules and variations of the game. Thus here and were invented long backgammon, but to play it, you need to have a strategic thinking. Through our website, become a member of the game easily. Online backgammon long play is very simple. But in order to win, you need to understand a few important rules. To play backgammon long, you need a rival, playing field, checkers and dice. Each participant is given 15 chips that are placed vertically on the side of the nearest board. Playing board, in turn, is a rectangle, and along the middle is divided into two equal halves. Once all the preparations for the start of the game are made and played by the first player's turn, roll the dice and fallen respectively points on the dice to move the checkers. First, you take them to the "head", that is, the vertical line from the top, and slowly move for move move all your chips in a circle, to return to the starting point. After you set all their pieces in a line, you nachtete throw them away, and who will do it faster, he will be the winner. There are several variations of this game. Some you will have the right to go twice if the bones fall out the same numbers, and the other you will need to win a few times. Such games are called layered. Where every time will change the color of your pieces and possibly rival. The online backgammon, there are many pluses. The first is a colorful interface and sounds. It all happens quickly, especially if you play against the computer. Some flash games are long backgammon tournaments, where you have to pass several levels and defeat all opponents. If you have nothing to do in your spare time or you're bored at your computer, then your attention is invited to the set of options for the game in long backgammon. And play them online is a pleasure. The game does not need to be installed on a PC, simply open a browser window and click on the "Play" and you immediately find yourself in a world of excitement and adventure. It is in this board game you will have to strain their convolutions as ever. Great game helps develop logic and reasoning. If you new to this game and have no idea, how it should be played, and the rules are very complicated for you, do not worry, just try to start the game, but during the game you will be able to understand all of the rules themselves.

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