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Incredibles games online - it's a game about the adventures of a super dangerous family, where all come to each other for help. The basis of the game put computer-animated 2004 film studio Pixar, and who is awarded the "Oscar". "The Incredibles" is a cartoon about the life of a superhero. In the story the superhero Mr. Exceptional after one heavy night, when he saves the bank from a robbery and a man who wants to throw himself under a passenger train in the cycle is unusual adventure. Unhappy with the saved people are beginning to turn to the court, and his throw lawsuits, and Mr. Exclusive forced to flee. 15 years later. Mr. exceptional calm, married and living, working as a clerk in a simple kind of insurance company. He changed his name to Bob Parr. His wife - Helen Parr, in the past also known superheroine elastica. They have three children and they also have extraordinary abilities. Bob Parr nostalgic for the old life. So he, without the knowledge of his wife into her old ways, and starts to save people. Office work is no longer delivers any pleasure Bob and falling out with the boss, he has to leave the place of work. The same day, Bob received a letter, from which it follows that for him with his super powers have a job. The organization hires him for a single job that is necessary to test the robot combat the new design. Mr. Exclusive is successfully coping with work, destroys the robot, and to seek his help more often. At home, he does not say that he returned to his former life threatening. This went on for a couple of months, as long as there is not Mrs. Super Seizing husband of cheating. She began to question often arises, why the husband takes his superhero costume, and she wanted to follow what's going on with her husband, so she left him. So Mr. exceptional in trouble. The last task to Bob Parr had to die, but then to help him all his family came and rescued him. To play the game online for free The Incredibles Save the very interesting. Created a lot of fun and good games that use the image of a super hero, where he is fighting evil, protecting people from harm. In the game he is depicted as an ordinary person, but has ability. The game "The Incredibles" is a interesting game with adventure, in which there is much stress for themselves what, for example, that a happy family can come to the rescue and help in difficult times. Incredibles games online can be played online free of charge, playing exciting adventure games, puzzle games, shooters you get a lot of fun.

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